In the Beginning:Science and Genesis 1-11

Class Fourteen -

Five Foundational Truths Learned

At this point, I want to summarize five foundational truths you have learned in this course that are easy to remember and important apologetic tools.I am not going to repeat the information behind each of these fundamental truths as you can simply go to that section of the course.Those fundamental truths are:

1.                Evolution is illogical.


2.††††† Radiometric dating does not support an old earth.

3.††††† Information disproves Darwinian evolution.



1.††††† Genetics falsifies Darwinian evolution.


2.††††† The evidence in the fossil record does not support

Darwinian evolution.

We have now reached the end of our 15 week journey through Genesis 1-11.I hope it has been as enlightening and enjoyable for you as it has for me.Itís clear from what we have seen that science rightly viewed strongly supports a literal reading of these chapters of Genesis and therefore a young earth.I pray the Lord will provide you with opportunities to share with others what you have learned in this class.PP

To assist you in that, I have my lecture notes and PowerPoint slides on a DVD for your future reference.Anytime something comes to mind that we covered in this class all you have to do is open DVD or go to and pick a class. Enjoy!



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